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We want sociable colleagues who easily convey their thoughts and knowledge to their team and customers.


We want to see the world from a different perspective; so we need you to be creative.

With initiative

The initiative is first seen and means direct involvement. If you are an initiative person, you are always connected to information.


A person defined by flexibility and adaptability, changes the working method or approach when needed.

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Marketing Specialist


The activity will take place within the marketing department. Providing customer relationships and promoting our products. Participate in market prospecting to know consumer needs and prospects in the near future. Apply for your career at VERNA.

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Sales Manager


Maintaining customer relationships and client portfolio development. Market prospecting and promotion of the company's products. Negotiating delivery terms, payment terms, delivery and payment terms, respecting the company's procedures. Analyzing customer requirements and providing advice on product characteristics and sales conditions. Apply for your career at VERNA.

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