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Wall fingerprint scanner for electrical enclosure

Fingerprint scanner - electrical enclosure

With a size of 50×50 mm, this fingerprint  scanner is ultra-compact and is the ideal solution for installing in doses (sockets). They are compatible with high profile switches producers and the aluminium, which is coming in white and space grey, can be easy mounted.

With a wide range of switches that we have, we also offer stainless steel and glass frames in 3 different colours which can be used external as well.

The fingerprint scanner is equipped with an intelligent software which sends information to the control panel using encrypted communication, recognize changes in user behaviour and learns more and more with each use.

Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure
Fingerprint enclosure

Fingerprint enclosure – last update

We have also Embedded scanner

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