Maintenance info.


― PVC, Aluminium or RAU-FIPRO doors are much easier to clean and maintain than wooden doors and, the maintenance process is more cost-effective. This is because the surface is often smooth and treated antistatically. However, it is very important that the doors are properly maintained, so as to have a longer durability and a clean and pleasant look over a long time.

― If you already have in your property VERNA doors, you should definitely follow certain rules regarding to a efficient maintenance. Unlike other materials, Auminium, PVC or RAU-FIPRO are easy to maintain as long as the surface is cleaned with soap and water; the hinges don’t require maintenance. The pivot once a year needs to be lubricated with lubricant and the procedure is simple by lubricating the key and inserting it into the cylinder. For cleaning the doors, you should avoid substances that can attack the door surface and the materials, so we advise you to avoid using abrasive products as these can scratch the surfaces and please seek our advice to recommend you suitable products for this. To remove the dirt, you can use soap and soft cotton clothes or wool fabrics.



― Fortunately, the glass is not more sensitive then any other glass, so its maintenance does not differ from the classic one. A quality glass spray and a sloth are enough to remove the marks/dust from the door window, so maintenance of the glass does not require any special attention because it is very easy to clean.




― Door seals have a very essential role for sound and thermal proof, and these has to be maintained properly so the cold, heat and noise do not penetrate inside the house. We advise to clean the seals the same way, using a dump cloth and soap, and lubricated once a year. Avoid any acidic solutions as these can damage the quality of the materials in time.


― So, maintaining them properly and avoid any damaged, handcrafted VERNA doors will have a great functionality and aspect for a long time. We are here to offer you a wide range of durable, customizable and automated doors of the highest quality for your home or office, manufactured to your needs to high standards and technic. So, by maintaining you can increase significant the door life and aspect.

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