The warranty

We guarantee you superior quality.


Excellent thermal, sound insulation and perfect security can be achieved with VERNA entrance and sliding or harmonic doors. Our role is to be the leader in developing and manufacturing the most quality/reliable, modern, creative, unique and automated entrance doors. We are convinced of our performance and we are confident in the manufactured and installation or our products and therefore we can offer you warranty beyond the usual limit on the market.


― No unnatural colour changes occur on visible surfaces covered with old or new wood or other natural materials.
― There are no unusual colour changes or cracked surfaces for the doors covered in foil.
― There are no unusual colour changes or cracked surfaces for aluminium doors painted with powder.
― There is no condensation between insulating glass.
― Stability, operation and sealing of the doors in not influenced by climate change: in the way that the beneficiary does not feel behavioural changes in their exploitation during an annual cycle. The use is guaranteed for all aluminium door systems. RAU-FIPRO + aluminium or PVC + aluminium or any of them + other materials, providing that VERNA installation and maintenance instructions are followed.




― The handles used in the door manufacturing are guaranteed against corrosion if there is no damage.
― There are no unnatural changes or surface cracks in the door fillings. There is no warranty for the esthetical look due to dirt.
― Access control system (with fingerprint, smart keyboard or other options provided by VERNA Doors) benefit from this warranty.
― Cylinders used in the door manufactured.

Although the parts used, have a standard warranty of 5 years, they are designed to provide long-term operation in compliance with the maintenance instruction.




In addition, VERNA guarantees that the products can be repaired repeatedly by our professional team in a similar manner (the original parts are not mandatory) in order to maintain their full functionality for a period of 30 years.
However, this implies that the frame (the frame and sash) is not damaged. The 30-year period begins from the manufactured date. The services required to maintain the right functionality, including necessary materials, workforce etc will be billed according to current rates.




The full description of the warranty conditions, the preconditions for applying the warranty and what you need to do in the event of a complain can be found in VERNA Maintained and Warranty Guide. You receive this brochure when VERNA products are delivered. In addition, it can also be obtained from VERNA consultant.

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